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Sleep Boxx

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Inside our March Boxx you'll find treats for the Mind, Body and Soul all chosen to help you SLEEP.

  • For the Mind, a book before bedtime will help you sleep FACT! We had this magical bookmark made just to remind you how special you are.
  • For the Body, we know getting to bed on time is sometimes an impossible feat. Our second bespoke treat, a rice and lavender eye mask is perfect for nap time when you can’t catch a break. The mask cover is washable, gently, by hand please. 
  • For the Soul, we choose this gorgeous Badger Balm because its calming blend of essential oils promote a sense of well-being so sleep can come naturally. Smells hold such deep memories within our soul which may calm us or scare us. We wanted to make sure the last thing you smell before you go to sleep is just beautiful, like you. 
Price includes 2nd class UK postage and packaging.

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