Hue Boxx

Hello Summer

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Inside our June Boxx you'll find treats for the Mind, Body and Soul, to help you say Hello Summer and get ready for any sun filled trip. Please don't ask how we have actually got summer in a box but we have.

Mind -  A brilliant Wunderpouch from Aestheic Laundry to zip away your undies when you travel. No more security guards rummaging through your smalls. Seriously what did we do before?

Body -  Well, face this month. This Ultra Sun Face, is anti-aging and you only need to apply it once a day.  What could be safer or simpler?   

Soul  -  A pretty little black and brass picture frame because we take a zillion pictures with our phones that we never ever print out. Photographs make our souls sing.  Print the picture, hang it in the frame, take moment when you pass it and smile.

Price includes 2nd class UK postage and packaging.

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